Thursday, July 31, 2008

It is Diffcult

Here I am creating a memorial to my folks.. I have found lots of pictures that over time I will add to this blog.. I have stories to share..
Right now though it is so hard.. I was at the house last night going through pictures and putting up loose pictures as well as albums and framed pictures.. I was packing them away in plastic bins.. 3 huge bins worth of photos.. of the panoramic history of my mother and father.. trips, family events, births.. weddings.. etc.. I begin to feel as if I am slowly taking each thread of their woven life tapestry and unraveling it.. I try not to view it that way.. I try to think .. their tapestry of life is done.. tightly woven together by their legacy and now a part of our legacy , their children.. but it is hard when you start disassembling things.. when pictures are put away... when drawers are emptied.. nearly 50 years of married life .. accumulated... and in a few short months.. it all is scattered in pieces around the country... perhaps its just spreading their material lives around.. perhaps.. I really have no answers right now..
Next Tuesday marks 3 weeks since my mom has been gone.. and it saddens me to no end.. as we begin the task of change .. Closing some chapters and opening others..

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